We play a supporting role in the manufacture of chemicals related to electronic materials and the sale of various equipment, which are indispensable in everyday life.

Using our local networks of Group companies both in Japan and overseas, we research for customers the optimal business partner for outsourcing of processing and manufacturing contracts in line with different customer requirements. By building solid relationships of trust with business partners through day-to-day dealings, we have created an operational structure capable of swift response.

To respond to increasingly stringent environmental regulation, we also propose alternatives to regulated substances.

If you have issues in the field of raw material research related to electronic materials, contract manufacturing, or equipment, whether researching new suppliers for raw materials in existing use, refining raw materials, or researching new business partners for outsourcing of processing contracts, contact us to take advantage of our rich experience.

Products & Services


  • Raw material research and procurement
  • Contract manufacturing and refining of raw materials and intermediates
  • Detection and other equipment for semiconductor processes
  • Smart Vision abnormality detection system for wafer manufacturing
  • Visualization of surface defects for films, glass filters, etc. using Mura Viewer (Uniformity Viewer)

Product Guide

We cordinate procurement and contract manufacturing of raw materials and intermediates for electronic materials.

Procurement and price negotiation of raw materials and intermediates. Cordination for contract manufacturing of raw materials and intermediates


Electronic Materials Sales Department