Our department consists of two groups: Industrial Equipment, and Specialty Materials.

The Industrial Equipment Group is a specialist dealer in equipment, experimental facilities, construction machinery component parts, and refrigerant compressors. The Group has built up a service structure coordinated with overseas affiliates and has rolled out an embracing sales network in and outside Japan.

The Specialty Materials Group handles inorganic colloid products made by Nissan Chemical Corporation. One of its core products, SNOWTEX®, boasts wide-ranging properties which make it suitable for use in a broad range of fields, including paper, fibers, steel, cast materials, heat-resistant materials, batteries, catalytic binders, various coating materials, electronic substrate materials, and abrasives for electronic recording media. As a comprehensive expert on inorganic materials, the Group provides support on matters from researching products to meet customer requirements to consultation on product functions.

Products & Services

Industrial Equipment Group

Specialty Materials Group

  • Inorganic Fine Products
    SNOWTEX®(Colloidal Silica)、ORGANOSILICASOL、ALUMINASOL、Lithium Silicate、NanoUse®ZR(Zirconia Sol)
  • Organic Fine Products
    MELAMINE CYANURATE、Phenylphosphonic Acid/PPA
  • Functional Powder
    Core-Shell Type Functional Powder


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