Our department consists of the Eco Materials Group and the Specialty Chemicals Sales Group.

With its core business in the sale of natural minerals, the Eco Materials Group has developed a wide range of activities, engaging in sales of infrastructure materials, agency activities for environmental recycle, and sales of functional raw materials and finished products both in Japan and overseas.

The Specialty Chemicals Sales Group is engaged in the supply of chemicals, raw materials, finished products and infrastructural materials designed to improve customer environmental health or public health, with the main focus on water and gas treatment.

We propose environmentally friendly products and other solutions to meet constantly diversifying customer needs.
Leveraging to the maximum the domestic and overseas networks we have cultivated over many years, we are committed to continuing to respond to customer requirements by adapting appropriately to the dizzying pace of change in the business environment.

Products & Services


  • Gypsum ( Anhydrite, Natural, Chemical)
  • Minerals ( Silver powder, Sepiolite, Kaolin, Fluorite, etc.)


  • Slag (Blast furnace, Iron and Steel, Copper)

Anti-Rust Paints

  • Paints and Raw Materials for Paints

Ferrous Sulphate

  • Ferrous Sulphate ( Electronics, Soil improvement, Feed, etc.)

Industrial Wastes

  • Industrial Waste ( Sludge, Slag, Dust, etc.)

Construction Chemicals

  • Concrete Admixtures(LN®、SMF®、CANI®)

Glass Materials

  • Glass ( Flakes, Frits )

Casting Materials

  • Casting Materials (Snowtex, Aluminazol, Zirconiazol, Silica Sand, etc.)

Water Treatment

  • Chlorinated Isocyanuric Acid (HI-LITE®,NISSAN TCCA, NISSAN DCCNa)
  • Oils and Fats Degrading Biologics (Venus® Oilclean)
  • Test Strip (AquaChek®)

Gas Treatment

  • Catalyst (SulfoMax® for Sulfuric Acid Production and Others)


  • Urinary Calculus Removers , Urinary Calculus Inhibitors
  • Antimicrobial Agent (Silver-Base Inorganic Antimicrobial Agent and Others)
  • Chemical Products (Raw Materials for Detergent and Others)

Silica Sand

  • Medium Sand (Kashima, Hamaoka , Flattery)
  • Medium Sand (Kashima, Hamaoka, Kimitsu)
  • Medium Sand (Flattery)


Life and Ecology Solutions Department