NISSEI THEIC is a heat-resistant, trivalent alcohol with a triazine nucleus that comes in powder form and has a melting point of approximately 135°C.


Chemical name: Tris (2-hydroxyethyl) isocyanurate

Resin made using NISSEI THEIC instead of the polyol used previously has the characteristics listed below.

1. Improved heat resistance means it can be used in places where high heat deformation temperature or heat resistance temperature is required.
2. Excellent electrical characteristics at high temperatures mean it can be used in wire varnishes, electronic and electrical components, etc.
3. The high hardness of the resulting resin makes it ideal for various top coat paints.
4. High gloss makes it perfect as a finish coating for a wide range of furniture.
5. Improved weather resistance means it can be applied to outdoor areas.
6. Excellent wear resistance makes it ideal for finish coating of surfaces and similar applications.
7. Improved chemical resistance means it can also be used where it comes into contact with organic solvents.
8. Good adhesiveness makes it suitable for base and top coating of various metal products.


As insulation coating for electrical wiring !!
Heat-resistant varnish of class H can be obtained by appropriately combining with various polybasic acids, polyhydric alcohols, etc.

As insulating varnish for coil impregnation!!
When NISSEI THEIC is applied to unsaturated polyesters, it produces an impregnation varnish with excellent insulation properties at high temperatures that can be widely used in high–voltage transformers.

As finish coating for high-grade furniture and woodwork products!!
Alkyd and urethane resin coatings modified with NISSEI THEIC have excellent adhesion and high gloss and wear resistance, making them ideal for base and top coating of wood, ceramics, metals, and other materials.

In molded FRP products!!
Since unsaturated polyester resin using NISSEI THEIC has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical characteristics, it can be used in electrical parts, scientific equipment parts, and similar applications.

Produce a wide range of resins through modification!!
Modification of phenol-formalin resin with NISSEI THEIC further improves wear resistance to make it suitable as a brake lining resin. Modification or improvement is also possible to improve the heat resistance and wear resistance of various resins.

Product packing

20 kg paper bag (Plastic inner bag)
20 kg carton
25 kg paper bag (Plastic inner bag)
500 kg flexible container bag
※Detailed technical documents are available separately. Please feel free to send us a request.

Handling Precautions

NISSEI THEIC has almost no hygroscopicity, but to prevent solidification, etc., once opened please seal well before storing.

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